If I sign up for the premium service now after using the free service previously, will the rounds that I have added to date be used for the "premium" calculations?

Absolutely. The only time rounds are deleted is if you have chosen not to subscribe after the trial period expires.

Why are some of my rounds in different colors?

If a round is in blue it is marked as save only and not used in your handicap calculation. This can be because there is no slope or rating for the course, or it is too small to be used.
If a round is in yellow it is being used in your handicap calculation.
If a round is in white it is eligible for use but is not one of your better rounds.

Why are not all of my scores used to calculate my handicap?

In calculating your handicap the best 10 rounds over the last 20 played are used. If you haven't played 20 rounds then there is a formula for how many should be used. Keep golfing and eventually you'll see 10 rounds are being used.

What do I do if there is no slope or rating on my scorecard?

You should ask at the proshop if they have a slope and rating for you for the tees you played from. If they don't then unfortunately that round can not be used, but enter it anyway with a slope and rating of zero. It will be saved, but not used.

Why don't some people in my group show up when I rank by group?

Chances are they haven't selected a "Home Province/State" yet in their member profile. Look closely at the choices in the "My Ranking" page. Selecting items from the choice lists will limit who should be included in the ranking you get.

What if I don't finish a round? Can I enter it?

Why yes you can. As long as you played at least 9 holes. If you did not play all 18 holes then we'll take your score for the first 9, figure out what you "would have" score if you had played all 18 and use that score.

Can I enter rounds from last year?

Of course. Make sure you enter dates for them and we'll sort them in order and use the right ones.

Should I enter scores higher than double par or more than triple bogey?

Enter your scores exactly as they occured. This will become important for when we add the functionality for graphing and analyzing your games hole by hole. We already use the functionality to adjust hole scores that should be lowered based on the "Equitable Stroke Control" formula.

Is my Handicap an Official Handicap?

Not yet. Until the USGA and RCGA allow scores posted over the Internet to be used in determining an official handicap your handicap is "unofficial". If you think you will ever need an official handicap keep your scorecards, make sure they are dated and witnessed, and when you need an official handicap take them to your nearest golf association or ask at your local course where you should take them.

Should I keep my score cards after I enter them?

Absolutely! If you ever need to get an official registered handicap from a golf association you will be required to produce score cards for your last 20 rounds played. I like to keep them as souveniers of where I played.